The Kongs grab hold onto a large Wigglevine.

Wigglevines are obstacles in Donkey Kong Country Returns. They only appear in the Forest's seventh level, Wigglevine Wonders. Wigglevines are natural, plant-like creatures with a vine coming from their bottom. They play a large role in Wigglevine Wonders even though they only appear in that level. Wigglevines come in two sizes: small and large. The large Wigglevines can carry the Kongs (Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong) through large distances when grabbed onto. Small Wigglevines descend when the Kongs grab onto them. Shortly after the Kongs grab onto a small Wigglevine's vine, it will break off, dropping the Kongs onto/into whatever is below them. This means small Wigglevines cannot carry the Kongs long distances and must be jumped off shortly after they are grabbed onto. However, all Wigglevines make the same facial expression when the Kongs grab onto them (a face showing how heavy the Kongs are). The same button used to cling onto grassy turf and normal vines is used to grab onto

The Kongs hold onto a small Wigglevine.

Wigglevines (press the B button on the Wii Remote). Though large Wigglevines can carry the Kongs long distances, they are not a shield protecting the Kongs against Tiki Zings, Big Zings and medium-sized Tiki Zings. So, with that being said, while on the large Wigglevine, the Kongs will have to move up and down on the creature's vine to dodge the enemies. There is a secret in Wigglevine Wonders that involves the Kongs being fired from an Auto-Fire Barrel on top of a large Wigglevine to reach a hidden area with a special Banana Bunch. However, the Kongs will have to pass the letter N of the K-O-N-G Letters without collecting it in order to reach this secret. Small Wigglevines are used to reach the level's Bonus Room as well. Small Wigglevines do warn players when their vine is going to break off, for their face turns a deep red. Wow! Wigglevines are really more important than they look!

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