Template:Head The Wii series is a video game franchise by Nintendo exclusively for the Wii console. The Wii are among Nintendo's most successful franchises ever, and contain the best selling videogame of all time: Wii Sports, and games that are at the top of the sales charts such as Wii Play and Wii Fit. Each game released within the series is sure to be a hit.


All of the Wii series of games involve choosing a Mii as your character, and the design of these games are pretty straightforward. They usually contain activities where anyone can simply join in and play.

List of games

Similar titles

  • Pilotwings Resort - Taking place on the Wuhu Island of Wii Sports Resort, this Nintendo 3DS video game is very similar to the Wii titles. Miis, made famous with the Wii series, are prominently featured in this game. (2011)

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