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Wii Cat==

The Wii Cat (Or Photo Channel Cat) is a cat that gives the player hints and tips about different features of the channel they are playing.When the cursor moves close to it, it tries to run away. (with the exception of the news channel where it sits down licking its paws)

The cat appears in:

  • The Photo Channel
  • The Weather Channel
  • The News Channel
  • It also appears on the loading screen of one of the channels

Hints and tips

Its main feature is to give the players tips on how to use the channel.

Photo Channel:

  • Pressing the 1 Button while using the scissors changes its shape
  • On the puzzle pieces screen, pressing 1 changes the highest amount to 142 pieces
  • It gives many more hints but those are deemed 'juicy'

News Channel:

Weather Channel:


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