Wii Points are the form of currency on Nintendo's Wii Shop Channel. They are bought using either a credit card through the Wii Shop Channel, or a Wii Points Card. Wii Points are used to buy Wii Channels, WiiWare games, and also Virtual Console games, such as Super Mario Bros.

Currently, Wii Points are purchased - both in stores and in the Shop Channel - in increments of 1000. Current exchange rates between Wii Points and currency are:

  • United States: 100 Points = $1.00
  • Japan: 100 Points = ¥100 (roughly $0.94)
  • Canada: 100 Points = CAD$1.00 (roughly $1.01)
  • Mexico: 100 Points = MXN$10.58 (roughly $1.00)
  • United Kingdom (in stores): 100 Points = £0.75 (roughly $1.48)
  • United Kingdom (online): 100 Points = £0.70 (roughly $1.38)
  • European Union: 100 Points = €1.00 (roughly $1.49)
  • Australia: 100 Points = AUD$1.50 (roughly $1.36)
  • South Korea: 100 Points = SKW$1000

They are also used to charge for Pay to Play content on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

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