Wii sports-Some One Playing It

Wii sports-Some One Playing It

E3 2006 Gameplay Footage #1

Airplane would have been the 6th sport in the Wii launch title Wii Sports. Unfortunately, it was scrapped by the time the final game was released and Bowling and Boxing were put in its place instead.

The sport was showcased at E3 2006 to promote the game it was going to be included with.

Someone by the name of "Jimmy Kaz" has managed to find remains of this scrapped game, and he sent us the data he found, so why not post it?

But first, let's understand how the game would've worked.

This game involved tilting the Wii Remote to control a plane around what looked like an early version of Wuhu Island. The main mode of this sport involved flying through either 90 or 140 rings scattered throughout the island before running out of time. Additionally, there likely would've been a free-flying mode, according to remnants hidden inside the final game.

Though the game was absent in the final game, it was not forgotten; The sport would finally be added (abeit in a modified form) in Wii Sports Resort.

Remnants in Final Game

Though the sport never made it to the full release of Wii Sports, lots of data still lingers deep in the files of the final game.

Unused Music

This is some of the music that would have been used in the game.

These files can be found in /Sound/RPAirScene.

Sound Description
RP Air MainGame
Would've played while playing the main game.

The name for this track is RP_Air_MainGame.brstm.

Probably would've been used for viewing replays. According to data inside the game, this may have been related to the free-fly mode, too.

The name for this track is RP_Air_Ring_Replay.brstm.


Also may have been related to replays or the ring-collecting mode.

The name for this track is RP_Air_Ring.brstm.

Deleted Movie Clips

These would have been videos used in the game. All names are mentioned in the in-game memory, but are nowhere to be found in their actual form, so you will just have to assume their purpose by their filenames.

File Purpose
01_Flash.thp Unknown. Possibly related to making the plane boost?
02_makeGrun.thp Unknown.
03_turn.thp How to turn the plane.
04_ring_get.thp How to fly through rings.
05_makeDash.thp Maybe a tutorial on how to make the plane thrust forward?
06_dashGet.thp Also related to making the plane boost?
07_demo.thp Likely a video showing someone playing the game.

Miscellaneous Files

  • CmnRing1.carc​ = Probably contains the model and textures for the rings that you would have to go through.
  • CmnRingTranst.carc = ​May contain animation data for when you fly through a ring. 
  • CmnRingSav.exbin = ​Would have handled the data for flying through rings, and saved them into the game's memory. 
  • CmnIsland.carc = ​Contains the models and textures for the early version of Wuhu Island featured in the E3 2006 demo.
  • ​CmnIsland_o_vr.carc = ​Unknown purpose; Contains a single blue texture file, along with a .clr0 file and 3D model. May be the texture for the sky. 
  • ​Rngplmntlist_path.pmp = ​Contains the route data for the rings.
  • ring.bin = Unknown. Likely related to rings.
  • islandcommonhouse.carc = The model for the lighthouse, which is a separate file for some reason.
  • vrkstrt.dat = Contains data related to loading fod, wind, and lighting data.
  • plane.carc = The plane model and its textures.
  • plane1.carc = A blue plane, most likely a test model.
  • seagul.carc = The model for the seagulls that would fly around/follow your plane. 

Well, that's all that is documentable for now. Hope you enjoyed reading about this discovery!

This article was originally written by request of YamoCovec.