Wii sports-Some One Playing It

Wii sports-Some One Playing It

E3 2006 Gameplay Footage #1

Airplane would have been the 6th sport in the game Wii Sports. But it was scrapped and Bowling and Boxing were put into the game instead

Someone has managed to find remains of this scrapped game, and he sent me data from it, so why not post it?

but first, let's understand how the game would work

Never Before Seen Footage of Wii Sports

Never Before Seen Footage of Wii Sports

The game is a remote game where the user would tilt the remote to control the plane flying in the game, and you would have had to collect either 90 or 140 rings before time ran out


Unused Music

This is some of the music that would have been in the game

These files can be found in /Sound/RPAirScene

Sound Description
RP Air MainGame
This is the music that would have played while a person was playing the game

the file for this song is RP_Air_MainGame.brstm

The Data for this game shows that there would have been a mode to fly around the island freely like in Wii Sports Resort. but it's odd because the file name for this song is RP_Air_Ring_Replay.brstm but Nintendo always makes weird file names in their games, but that's what makes them great.

This is used while watching some kind of replay/video. all of the movie clips/videos are deleted from the iso someone sent him according to "YamoCovec". He was the guy who asked me to write this. The file names for these deleted videos still exist in the game memory, which I will talk about later. The file name for this song is RP_Air_Ring.brstm

Deleted Movie Clips

These would have been videos in the game, the names for these were found in-game memory, all of them were deleted so you will just have to assume the purpose of them judging by the file names.

File Purpose
01_Flash.thp Unknown, Maybe how to make the plane boost?
02_makeGrun.thp Unknown.
03_turn.thp How to turn the plane
04_ring_get.thp how to fly through rings.
05_makeDash.thp Unknown.
06_dashGet.thp Unknown, Maybe like... a Power Boost?
07_demo.thp Probably a Full Video showing someone playing the game.

Well, that's all that is documentable for now. Hope you enjoyed reading about this discovery!