Wild Glide Galaxy-1-

The Wild Glide Galaxy.

The Wild Glide Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is a jungle-like galaxy with a river. This galaxy is located in World 2. By riding Fluzzard, the player can burst Balloons filled with Star Bits, and Bubbles filled with Coins. No enemies appear in this galaxy.


Wild Glide Planet-

This planet takes place in a tropical forest with Mario landing on the area. Here is filled with Jibberjays and the rideable bird, Fluzzard. When the race begins, Mario will be gliding on Fluzzard throughout the forest course. This race has a river and waterfall, Balloons filled with Star Bits that can be popped to get the Star Bits, and

The first mission in the Wild Glide Galaxy.

Bubbles that contain Coins. You can pop both Balloons and Coin Bubbles by going through them. Near the end is a Comet Medal, that can be picked up after flying pass five gates. Once Mario passes through the finish line, he will be transported back to the starting area.


Fluzzard's First Flight-

In this level, Mario must ride on Fluzzard and glide through five gates of the course, to earn the Power Star.

Jungle Fluzzard Race-

Mario must race some Jibberjays and get to goal in first place. If the player succeeds, he receives the Power Star.

Green Star 1-

Green Star 1 is found at the wall with two holes, one with a 1up Mushroom, and another at the bottom that the river flows through. The Green Power Star is found at the lower hole.

Green Star 2-

Green Star 2 is a little tricky to get, so follow instructions carefully. It is located at the tip of the mountain near the end of the course. After exiting the cave area, you must fly to the right and carefully fly to the star.


Riding Fluzzard.

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