The Kongs about to run-down the U-shaped bridge near the very end of Wonky Waterway.

Wonky Waterway is the sixteenth level of Donkey Kong Country Returns, as well as the first level of the Ruins (Donkey Kong Country Returns). This level begins on a pier at the beach, but most of it takes place in a dilapidated (worn out; ruined) temple. Here, the Kongs (Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong) must utilize vine switches (by grabbing onto them) stick out of gold statues' undersides to open passages and proceed. Additionally, there are some platforms that collapse with the Kongs' weight swiftly. The heroes must move fast across such platforms, watching out for the Tiki Zings hovering side to side in that area. Other than Tiki Zings, enemies in this level include Tiki Buzzes, Tiki Goons, Screaming Pillars, Tiki Bombers, and Stilts. In Time Attack mode, a time of 1:13:00 is needed to get a gold medal, a time of 1:33:00 for a silver medal, and a time of 2:32:00 for a bronze medal.



The Kongs jumping in the air near the entrance to the temple.

The Kongs begin the level on a long pier with a DK Barrel that stretches to a sandy beach area. A stone block is between the bridge and the beach. A Stilts is on the beach area as well. A second stone block can help the Kongs reach a raised area of land, where Tiki Goons walk about and Tiki Buzzes hover up and down. After jumping up another raised area of land where a Tiki Goon roams about and two Tiki Buzzes hover up and down, the Kongs will find a large gold switch at the very end of the pathway near a dandelion (the dandelion can be blown on; all dandelions found can be blown on to reveal collectibles). The letter K of the K-O-N-G Letters is above this switch. If the Kong's pound the golden switch all the way down, the temple's entrance opens. Inside, the apes can climb along some large temple blocks, which fell to make a floor when the entrance opened, passing a Tiki Goon on the way. After here, the apes jump to a platform with a Tiki Bomber and a dandelion on it. Farther ahead on a lower floor, are two Screaming Pillars. After the Kongs pass the Screaming Pillars, the primates jump to a floor with two urns on it (urns can be pounded to cause them to break and reveal a collectible); the second urn revealing a Banana Coin when it breaks. The floor soon goes to a lower floor where a Tiki Bomber is found. The apes should notice the grassy turf on a ceiling above them, what looks like a platform stuck in the temple, and an angry devilish-looking gold vine statue of an ape's head with its vine hanging from its underside. If the Kongs grab the vine, it is pulled down. The statue then makes a whistle (steam comes out of its ears as well) and the platform that was "stuck" in the temple walls sticks out (it can be jumped on) for a few seconds. The apes must then jump up the platform and cling onto the green, grassy turf on the ceiling. If they follow the path on the left, the apes will reach a skull Auto-Fire Barrel (skull Barrel Cannons/Auto-Fire Barrels destroy themselves after firing the Kongs) that takes them to a Bonus Room. If the Kongs follow the path on the right, it will take them to the letter O and the Tutorial Pig hosting the checkpoint on the floor at the very top behind them (they must jump to it). Here the Kongs enter a dungeon-like area where they can find more Screaming Pillars, some spikes between the platforms the Screaming Pillars fall on, and an urn. The apes must be careful, for the platforms the middle Pillar falls on is very small (the other two fall on floors). After this, the Kongs reach a floor where the urn just mentioned is found, as well as a dandelion and another angry, devilish-looking gold vine statue. If the Kongs grab the statue's vine to pull it, the raised bridge nearby falls over the gap with a Puzzle Piece. As soon as the bridge falls, two Stilts who are not on stilts (therefore, they are the naked Stilts) run towards the Kongs with another Stilts on stilts following behind. After the apes pass this

The Kongs in the first background part where the crumbling stone floors/platforms can be found.

area, they reach a stone pathway. This pathway begins with a skull Auto-Fire Barrel that fire the apes to two slanted, stone platforms who hit another slanted, stone platform then collapse shortly after doing so (there are Bananas that the primates automatically collect while being fired to the two large stone platforms). Then after that, there is a part with stone platforms forming a floor that crumble and collapse shortly after the Kongs step on them. There is a Tiki Zing hovering side-to-side here too, as well as a skull Auto-Fire Barrel at the very end. After this area, the skull Auto-Fire Barrel fires the primates to another stone floor that crumbles and collapses with the Kongs' weight. A Tiki Zing hovers side-to-side here, as well as the letter N above the stone floor and a skull Auto-Fire Barrel right next to a stone platform that crumbles and collapses with the Kongs' weight. After this area, the skull Auto-Fire Barrel fires the apes to some more, much smaller stone floors (there are some stone platforms as well) that crumble and collapse with the Kongs' weight. The Kongs' are now in the background. Since the stone floors/platforms are far apart from one another, the apes must jump from on floor to another, avoiding the Tiki Zings that hover back and forth to reach the next skull Auto-Fire Barrel at the very end. After this, the skull Auto-Fire Barrel fires the apes further into the background to some stone floors that, you guessed it, crumble and collapse with the primates' weight. BUT! There are three slanted stone platforms, that hit one another and crumble; the final one, like previous, hitting a stone floor. The Kongs have to do some more jumping while avoiding the Tiki Zings to make it to the skull Auto-Fire Barrel at the very end. After this, the skull Auto-Fire Barrel fires the apes to another skull Auto-Fire Barrel in the foreground, which in turn, fires the apes to the Tutorial Pig hosting the checkpoint on a floor. Besides the Tutorial Pig hosting the checkpoint, the apes also find a DK Barrel, a dandelion, an angry, devilish-looking, gold ape vine statue, and a humongous dragon-like head structure in front of the Kongs. If the Kongs pull the gold statue's vine, the dragon's mouth opens, revealing a floor leading to another dungeon-like area. Banana Bunches and Banana Coins appear in the dragon's mouth to be collected by the apes, but there is a timer. Let's say this isn't the type of timer you see in the Bonus Rooms that lasts for 30 seconds. We're talking about timers that last 8-seconds. After that, BAM! The dragon's mouth closes, crushing and killing the Kongs if they are still under it. After this, the apes reach a floor with a naked Stilts, who has no stilts and a Stilts on stilts behind it. At the very end of this floor, A Tiki Bomber and an urn can be found on a lower area. Some Screaming Pillars can be seen. The Kongs should jump to cause them to wake up and fall; the first, which is really two Screaming Pillars stack themselves on a small platform in front of the Kongs while the second, which may be four Screaming Pillars (two in front, two behind) fall on another platform larger than the first. The apes can pound the fallen Screaming Pillars to reveal the letter G. After this, the Kongs reach a U-shaped bridge outside, where a Donkey Kong statue holding a Wii Remote can be seen in the background. A large group of Tiki Buzzes hover over the bridge, while some Screaming Pillars are in the middle of the bridge. They fall on a small platform in the gap at the center of the U-shaped bridge. Two urns are on the gap's edges. The apes must climb (jump, for if you run, you will slide down; it's that steep) the other half of the U-shaped bridge to reach the Slot Machine Barrel. The apes can also use the Tiki Buzzes to reach the Slot Machine Barrel by bouncing on one-to-another. It can help you avoid climbing. If all Tiki Buzzes are bounced on, last Tiki Buzz gives you an Extra Life Balloon (the third Tiki Buzz and after give you Banana Coins; last Tiki Buzz gives an Extra Life Balloon). Anyway, the level is complete when the Slot Machine Barrel is hit.


K-O-N-G Letters

  • 640px-WonkyWaterway-K-DKCR-1-

    The Kongs about to reach the letter K.

    K: Immediately before approaching the giant switch that opens the temple, the apes must bounce on top of a series of hovering Tiki Buzzes to reach the letter K that is high in the air above the switch.
  • O: The letter O is located immediately before the first checkpoint on the edge of the climable turf (on the right side). The Kongs must just bump into it to grab it.
  • N: As the duo dash across the section of falling platforms in the foreground, they can find the letter N above a Tiki Zing.
  • G: Immediately after the sixth Puzzle Piece, the primates come up to some Screaming Pillars in the second dungeon-like area after the dragon statue with the timer. If they pound on the first pillar, along with the pillar on top of it, they can grab the letter G.

Puzzle Pieces

  1. WonkyWaterway365-1-

    The Kongs in a Bonus Room.

    At the very beginning of the level, if the Kongs travel backwards and long-jump, they can reach a hidden wood platform with a Tiki Goon and the first Puzzle Piece on it.
  2. Near the beginning of the level, the apes can find three candles between two Screaming Pillars. If they blow out the candles, an angry, devilish-looking gold ape vine statue appears. Pulling the statue's vine reveals several collectibles including the second Puzzle Piece.
  3. Just before the first checkpoint, if the Kongs travel left along the wall of grassy turf, they will reach a skull Auto-Fire Barrel. When landed in, the cannon fires the Kongs to a Bonus Room. Here, the primates must travel around several platforms to collect eighty Bananas, two Banana Coins, and an Extra Life Balloon. If all items are collected within the time limit of thirty seconds, a Puzzle Piece appears for them to grab.
  4. About mid-way through the level, the apes must dodge a few Screaming Pillars around some spikes. If the pound on the second (middle) pillar after it falls, a Puzzle Piece appears underneath that they automatically collect.
  5. Just before the duo exit the temple to reach the falling stone platforms, they can find the fifth Puzzle Piece in a nearby gap located immediately after an angry, devilish-looking gold ape vine statue. The Kongs should NOT pull the statue's vine, for the bridge will fall over the gap. The apes will then be unable to grab the Puzzle Piece. However, the gap is actually not a gap you will fall into and die. If the primates fall into it, they will reach a floor. There, they can grab the Puzzle Piece. Beware, there are more gaps that trick you similar to this one in other levels.
  6. Before the apes encounter the final set of Screaming Pillars, they can break open an urn to reveal the sixth Puzzle Piece.
  7. At the end of the level, the Kongs should pass the Slot Machine Barrel and long-jump over the gap after it. The apes should land on a hidden platform with an angry, devilish-looking gold ape vine statue on it. If they pull the vine, the statue nearby throws the Puzzle Piece to them.



  • Dkwiiremote-1-

    The statue of Donkey Kong (in his first appearance) holding the Wii Remote.

    A statue of Donkey Kong in his very first appearance from the original Donkey Kong arcade game holding a Wii Remote appears in the background near the end of the level. Specifically, this sprite is based on DK's sign holding pose from Donkey Kong Jr. Math with a few minor changes (such as the addition of a tie on DK).
  • On the grassy turf near the first checkpoint that leads to the checkpoint/skull Auto-Fire Barrel, if the apes go into the skull Auto-Fire Barrel, they can find a lone angry, devilish looking gold ape vine statue, right next to the cannon. At first, it is unknown why it is there; however it is the statue that appears to obtain the second Puzzle Piece.
  • This level introduces the music changing from normal, to dungeon or dungeon-like music whenever the apes enter a dungeon area. The Kongs will encounter more of this in the other Ruins levels such as Damp Dungeon. However, in other worlds' levels the music does change from one to another in some levels.

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