World S, as seen on its map.

World S, also known as World S: Here We Go!, is the seventh and final world in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is a bonus world. This galaxy is located high in the sky above an unknown colorful planet with colorful star-shaped islands on it. There are several rainbows in the background. The world's path is shaped like an S, which is possibly the reason why it is called World S. It can also be called World S to stand for Special World, similar to how the bonus cups of the Mario Kart series are called the Special Cup. World S is unlocked after defeating Giant Bowser in Bowser's Galaxy Generator, which is located in World 6. This world has seven galaxies, the last being the Grandmaster Galaxy. The Grandmaster Galaxy can only be entered after all 120 Power Stars and 120 Green Power Stars have been collected. The existence of this world is hinted by a Bob-omb Buddy in the Throwback Galaxy, who asks about a "strange, legendary world" in a similar way to how Lubba does so on Starship Mario. This world's music is a slowed-down version of the Gusty Garden Galaxy's music in the prequel




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