Wuhu Island is a fictional island bulit in 2006. It is featured in Wii Sports,  Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit, Wii Play, Wii Fit Plus and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U

Known Locations

Original Island

castell and lagon

2 lake, 1 water fall and 1 castell

maka wuhu

inactive volcano

palm grove

hotel of palms, with pool, pingpong and tennis and the palm grove


ruins of maka wuhu

cabana lagoon

a cabana in front of sea

wedege iland

an iland for "golfers", an hotel, a giant curious and 7 golf/disc golf course


The town is a major place where basketball, swordplay, bowling, etc., are played, It involves the Wishing Fountain, Old Broken Clock Tower, Runner's Circle, Basketball Court & Swordplay Collessium.


The beaches are next to the Caboca Hotel & It has the Frisbee Stadium.


The Countryside area is where The Candle is located.


Swordplay is a sport-game on Wii Sports Resort on the island. Try and knock out your opponent on the stage at the platform and make them fall into the water in Duel Mode. Try to out-slice the competition in Speed Slice Mode. Try to defeat all the opponents while maintaining life is Showdown Mode.


Get on your board and head into the ocean! Get pulled by a boat while using the Wii Remote to turn and jump.


There are two ways to play this sport.

-Head to the beach with a pup and compete in the Frisbee catching tournament.

-Head to Wedge Island or a presumed reconstruction of the original golf courses from the old Wii Sports and play golf with a Frisbee.

Controls for both games are the same.


Get your Nunchuck out and try and get your archery on the board before it hits the ground.


There are two ways to play.

-Compete in the 3-Point Contest at night and try to get the highest possible score.

-Have a match against a friend or a CPU. You both get three players.

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