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Yoshi's Island in SSBB.

Yoshi's Island is a stage in Super Smash Bros Brawl. There are two platforms- one main platform and another platform above it. This is Yoshi's home stage. Seasons change during gameplay in order. The background changes as the seasons change. The picture shown here is Spring on Yoshi's Island. Shy Guys will hover down for a few second before hovering back up. You can knock them however. In Summer a Chain Chomp and two smiling flowers will be up. Also a Goonie (a bird enemy) will be up. A Goonie is also seen on the Fall season. Fall looks similar to dusk. During Winter there is nothing but snow. The clouds are always up and always smiling. This along with the mountains and drawings on the stage are the only things that remain on the stage no matter what season it is. A Support Ghost will appear every few minutes helping you and opponents to recover by holding up a platform on its head. 6 songs are on this stage.

-Ending Yoshi's Story

- Yoshi's Island

-Obstacle Course

- Wildlands

- Flower Field

Flower Field, Wildlands, and Ending Yoshi's Story are random songs that must be collected.

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