800px-MKwii Yoshifalls-1-

Yoshi Falls in Mario Kart Wii.

Yoshi Falls is a course in Mario Kart Wii. It first appeared in Mario Kart DS, making this course, a retro cup course. Yoshi Falls is nearly an entire circle. It is considered as one of the easiest courses in the game. It has probably about four boost pads. A giant Yoshi Egg centers the waterfall. Three falls fall from a mountain, creating paths of water that can be driven on. As the race begins, you start going straight for a while. You'll then turn right. You can either take the bridge or the waterfall. The waterfall path is the shortest out of all. You can drive on it without falling into the water. You'll then make anothr right turn, that leads to a bridge and waterfall, like the previous one. This waterfall is dangerous to take without using, Mushrooms, Golden Mushrooms, Triple Mushrooms, or Starman. If you take it regardless, you may fall into the water. Remember the water is moving, so it pushes you toward the edge. You'll then have to be rescued by Lakitu, which wastes time. It is best to take the bridge for this waterfall and the next one. You'll then make another right turn. So many right turns! Enough Already!!! You'll come across another bridge and waterfall. Like the previous, this waterfall is dangerous to take. Take the bridge. You'll then turn right and reach go straight. This leads to the finish line. Congratulations! You've passed your first lap! Item Boxes are everywhere.

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